March 21, 2010

a new place

so here it is... I' m moving my blog to a new address in the world wide web.... please visit studiomeyer from now on...

to celebrate, there will be a giveaway of two of my linocut house prints. all you have to do is leave a comment on my new blog... looking forward to see you there!

February 18, 2010

some clothes for my son

back in september I took some sewing lessons in this little shop.
I didn't really know what to make until I started. But I had this issue from ottobre... I remember a little story on how I bought it. Back in 2007, when I was pregnant, we lived in southern Germany, close to Switzerland. One night I went to collect a friend from the station. It was a dark and stormy night in late fall. But no friend arrived, the train was late then cancelled ....I had then already been waiting for over an hour....Everybody was really upset, but I didn't mind so much, because there was a little shop that sold newspapers and really nice magazines (which astonished me, as it was a grubby little town- when I drove through it had been still daylight). So I found this childrens issue and I loved the little jackets and things in it. After a while my friend called me from a different town that was even further away. Apparently a tree had fallen down and was blocking the tracks. So I went there through darkness, rain and what felt like wilderness to me. Sometimes I didn't know where I was, or was this Switzerland already? In the end I made it savely, picked her up and we went home and had a nice time together. I know it is not so easy to get lost inGermany, but there are times when you drive and drive and feel you could be elsewhere.... It was nice to have this little booklet lying next to me, full of clothes I wanted to make for the baby....

ok so thats the big story:)
Now I finally made something from it!a duffle coat...

...some pants I had been modifying with the help of the lovely seamstress... I will make more of these, but add some pockets... some colours... don't know yet.that's knitted of course. I unvented, to speak in Elizabeth Zimmermanns terms, the pattern but there will also be modifications... so far its warm and soft. but of course I couldn't get the boy to wear it all together...oh no... but then, he is not a model, is he?
note: the jacket'sfabric is not washable,what have I been thinking? But the mud brushes off nicely once it is dry:)

bye- have a good weekend!

February 12, 2010

Another simple idea from this book. Basically it's cutting out some felt bits and let your kid stick them to a felt background.

I just added some cardboard in the middle. Spray glue works perfect for this.

Then I cut out triangles, squares and circles. Also semicircles.

I like to stick with simple shapes so that the kid (well me and the kid, as he is pretty much a beginner) can create different pictures. If my son would be a little older, I'd also let him cut out pieces. I didn't measure so the pieces are not all the same size, but I don't think that matters at this stage.

tuff-tuff-tuff-die-eisenbahn (A german song stuck to my mind, arggh)

I had also been looking for some embroidery idea to put on this little vest. Does that happen to you that you do something different and accidently find the solution?
I will try to stitch it on, maybe even with a third colour. The vest is part of some clothes I made for my son and I hope I can get him to model them one of these days. (Get him out from under the table, that is).
Have a good weekend!

February 10, 2010

...playdough part 2

So here's the dough story continued...
I guess everyone except me has been making playdough from flour and water and food colouring...

... there's a million playdough recipes on the Internet... I got one from my friend Alexandra, and writing it down in english is impossible because of the complicated translation of measurements. So please look here... I made a larger amount though.

I had more colours but kind of liked the idea of starting simple, with red, blue and yellow. I thought that other colours would mix themselves in the process.

..getting ready....table laid, awaiting kid to wake up from naptime...



... in the mix!
good night.

Hier nochmal das Rezept auf Deutsch:
Material: 400g Mehl, 200g Salz, 2 EL (ca. 11g) Alaun aus der Apotheke, 500 ml Wasser, 3 EL Öl, ein verschließbarer Plastikbehälter. Statt Alaun kann man auch Weinsteinpulver verwenden.
Und so wird es gemacht: Mehl, Salz und Alaunpulver werden in eine Schüssel gegeben und gut miteinander vermischt. Dann bringt man das Wasser zum Kochen, gibt das Öl hinzu und vermengt die Flüssigkeit nach und nach mit der Mehlmasse. Das Ganze wird schließlich so lange geknetet, bis es zu einem geschmeidigen Teig geworden ist (ich empfehle Gummihandschuhe, auch später zum Einfärben des Teigs). Evtl. noch etwas Mehl hinzufügen. Die Knete kann nun je nach Belieben in mehrere Teile aufgeteilt werden und mit ca. 1/2 Tube Lebensmittelfarbe eingefärbt werden. Zusätzlich kann man 1 -2 Tropfen eines ätherischen Öles untermengen, z.B. Zitronen- od. Orangenöl, und erhält einen frischen Duft. Die Knetmasse ist nun luftdicht verschlossen für einige Zeit haltbar.

February 09, 2010

playdough part 1....

My first try to give my son playdough was a bit of a failure. I tried a recipe for salt dough, and he tried to eat it... oh my, the poor boy.
So after a few days to recover( I had to toss the dough which is a thing I hate to do) I came up with the idea of making real dough to bake.
Baking is of course a nice traditional thing to do around Christmas. But somehow last Christmas I couldn't get myself to do it. One thing is that I am not so into sweet things. Also I am not so fond of butter. I like anything salty and crispy... Tom does, too. We have a little ritual in the morning a little while after breakfast when he "reads"his books and has some nibbles.
Owl nibbles, to be correct (on the right).
So why not make some dough out of flour, water, olive oil and salt and make some nibbles?
Our first try is shown above, looks strange but tasted really nice.
Next day, I went into a toy store and got some equipment...
...but he liked a tool from the kitchen drawer best.

elefant nibbles, car nibbles, bird and so on nibbles before going into the oven.