February 12, 2010

Another simple idea from this book. Basically it's cutting out some felt bits and let your kid stick them to a felt background.

I just added some cardboard in the middle. Spray glue works perfect for this.

Then I cut out triangles, squares and circles. Also semicircles.

I like to stick with simple shapes so that the kid (well me and the kid, as he is pretty much a beginner) can create different pictures. If my son would be a little older, I'd also let him cut out pieces. I didn't measure so the pieces are not all the same size, but I don't think that matters at this stage.

tuff-tuff-tuff-die-eisenbahn (A german song stuck to my mind, arggh)

I had also been looking for some embroidery idea to put on this little vest. Does that happen to you that you do something different and accidently find the solution?
I will try to stitch it on, maybe even with a third colour. The vest is part of some clothes I made for my son and I hope I can get him to model them one of these days. (Get him out from under the table, that is).
Have a good weekend!

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herzensart said...

such great, simple shapes. Love these moments when something is happening, suddenly showing up unintentionally.