February 18, 2010

some clothes for my son

back in september I took some sewing lessons in this little shop.
I didn't really know what to make until I started. But I had this issue from ottobre... I remember a little story on how I bought it. Back in 2007, when I was pregnant, we lived in southern Germany, close to Switzerland. One night I went to collect a friend from the station. It was a dark and stormy night in late fall. But no friend arrived, the train was late then cancelled ....I had then already been waiting for over an hour....Everybody was really upset, but I didn't mind so much, because there was a little shop that sold newspapers and really nice magazines (which astonished me, as it was a grubby little town- when I drove through it had been still daylight). So I found this childrens issue and I loved the little jackets and things in it. After a while my friend called me from a different town that was even further away. Apparently a tree had fallen down and was blocking the tracks. So I went there through darkness, rain and what felt like wilderness to me. Sometimes I didn't know where I was, or was this Switzerland already? In the end I made it savely, picked her up and we went home and had a nice time together. I know it is not so easy to get lost inGermany, but there are times when you drive and drive and feel you could be elsewhere.... It was nice to have this little booklet lying next to me, full of clothes I wanted to make for the baby....

ok so thats the big story:)
Now I finally made something from it!a duffle coat...

...some pants I had been modifying with the help of the lovely seamstress... I will make more of these, but add some pockets... some colours... don't know yet.that's knitted of course. I unvented, to speak in Elizabeth Zimmermanns terms, the pattern but there will also be modifications... so far its warm and soft. but of course I couldn't get the boy to wear it all together...oh no... but then, he is not a model, is he?
note: the jacket'sfabric is not washable,what have I been thinking? But the mud brushes off nicely once it is dry:)

bye- have a good weekend!


mames said...

again (said it on flckr too), it is amazing. the coat is so so cool.

Kristen said...

wow. i can't believe you made that coat. what an accomplishment! it's a beauty.

cutfinger productions said...

Uuuhhhhh Anne you've been holding out on us!! I will never sew for you again:) as you make me look so foolish with sewing this unbelievable jacket. Whoa... Gorgeous. Stunning. You got Skills girl. Even Jon was like ..Hey Laura! did you see the jacket Anne made for T ????????? You got to come look at this!!!! :):) You are what we call a sleeper...Good for you! Looks like I need a class too....You inspire me big time! Anything you can't do:):)??????

herzensart said...

wonderful dufflecoat, love it! Who knows if it had ever come to life if the train had not been late :)

meyer said...

oh, thank you all! I am just so happy that it still fits :)

Anonymous said...

hello everybody! it was me she was waiting on.. yes, anne was really cool, waiting there for me, calm and with a wonderful belly. I remember lots of mister toms in the car.. hehe
Anne - the coat is great, and the trousers too.

Anonymous said...

ha, that is my wife!!
yes, she is great and the jacket is very nice. it's a good feeling go out with tom in this clothes.

great your husband

Dorle´s Welt said...

hallo anne,
ich bin über meine google suche für die tomten jacke auf deinen blog gestossen. leider funktioniert der link nicht mehr und ich frage mich, ob du mir weiterhelfen könntest.
meine mail:
vielen dank

Sheralynn said...

I came by way of the elsie marley blog and saw the picture on flickr. This jacket is so amazing that I've gone to the website and am ordering myself a copy... To make this coat for myself! :) You've done such a WONDERFUL job.

May I ask what the outside fabric is? I want something sturdy like that, but I think I will have to order it online, since fabric stores here are very limited.